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Residential Weekends

Our weekend begins with our volunteers and a van full of resources arriving at Leeson House near Swanage ready for the weekend ahead. 

First job is to unload the van and the others set to making beds for children and adults!

After preparing the rooms and going through the programme for the weekend, dinner is ready and then time for a final check and a relaxing evening before trying to get a good nights sleep.

We usually get an early start to Saturday morning and wait for the children to arrive. After 'goodbyes' to their parents and carers, the childen are given a Mosaic T shirt, badge and quilt before being taken to their bedrooms to drop their bags and choose their beds.

Introductions done, the children start their teambuilding acitivites - archery, obstacle course, craftmaking and games. 

By lunchtime, new friendships are made and each group spent time talking about the person they had come to remember and what had happened. It was then time for more fun activities like football and 'hoola hooping'.

After dinner we hold our candle ceremony where everyone lights a candle and remembers their loved one. This is an emotional part of the weekend but children often tell us it is the most special part.

The children and volunteers usually go on a walk across the fields by Leeson House staff and listen to stories of smugglers.


Parachute games or aerobics kick off Sunday morning set us off to a good start for the day ahead, with work on anger and feelings to follow. After more fun activities and lunch, it's time for parents and carers to return and watch short presentations the groups had organised about their weekend.

The parents also meet on a separate site and talk about their concerns for their children, understand some behaviours are a normal reaction to the death of a loved one and get the chance to make new friends and share their experiences.

The weekend finishes with a balloon release over Swanage Bay. Each balloon with a message tied to it.


Every child we work with is invited to the weekend. Each weekend is funded by donations, fundraising and grants.

If you would like to find our more about volunteering or making a donation to the weeked, please contact us.

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